My 1 Year Of Being A Devoted Miley Cyrus Fan

My 1 Year Of Being A Devoted Miley Cyrus Fan

Before you all start, I would just like to say read the title carefully. The use of the word “my” is crucial to this story. Everything I’ve experienced this year was based on what I have seen and learned and done for Miley Cyrus. I’m not here to deter you away from her. I’m simply doing what I feel is best for a bunch of teenagers and young adults who depended on a pop star for happiness at some point in their life. I’m doing this because 1) it is not fair for me to have this all on my conscious and 2) I’m tired of staying quiet and this seems to be the only thing that’ll work. 

I’ve loved Miley for a really long time. It wasn’t until 2013 though, that I really got into the Twitter aspect of loving her (which is completely superficial). I met a lot of people this past year, people that I absolutely love and I’m beyond grateful that I met because we all had a common interest and created a stronger bond through this interest. Meeting these people however made me increasingly popular throughout the Miley fanbase (something I do very much regret). I met Yermar in October because she had wanted to get Miley to tweet me. She dmd me on a October 9th with her number attached telling me to text her. I didn’t know her, I actually didn’t even know she was a girl until 2 weeks later. But she had saw something in me and she thought I deserved to get noticed and 3 days later that’s exactly what happened. Yermar and I continued to stay friends after she accomplished what she wanted and on November 1st I had pitched the idea for a birthday video. This birthday video single handedly flipped my year upside down. 

My personality is quite strange. When I want something, I get it. When I want to accomplish something, I do it. This birthday video was something I dedicated myself to from November 1st to November 24th. This means I slacked in school, I skipped the gym (if you know me you know I always go to the gym) and I was very negligent to my real life. Throughout those 3 weeks I met even more people. From all the accounts Miley follows to the majority of the fans and friends I have and know right now. Fast forward and Miley tweets the video and tweets me. From then on I completely blew up and became some sort of enemy/hero to the Miley fanbase. Everyone had thought I either didn’t or did deserve her attention. 
This was a very rough time for me. I may seem like I don’t care but I actually do seeing as I apologized to everyone who had been cut from the video. Another 2 days later and Miley retweets me. Everyone became convinced that she knew me and liked my account so they had either spoke to me or hated on me. 
Fast-forward to December: Yermar asks me to co-own gypsyhearttour. I was shocked but she had insisted and thought I was the only one suitable to help her. I agreed on only one circumstance: I go anonymously and no one can know I’m also on the account. I wanted to do that because I felt like I would get hated on even more and wanted to avoid the whole situation. After all, I did get everything handed to me from a tweet to a Miley follow and I don’t deny that. I knew why everyone may have been mad but I accepted it and moved on. Eventually we couldn’t hide it and it became known I also ran gypsyhearttour. I changed the entire account and added my own personal taste and it caught a lot of attention; even from Miley herself. I still remember the first time she tweeted me on that account and I was shaking too hard to reply. Yermar had to practically yell at me to get over it and type up a response. 
Christmas Day, my friend (who will go unnamed because he/she is someone I don’t want to be interrogated) decided to give me a little gift. It was Miley’s cellphone number. I didn’t believe it was her until I made sure of it. But that’s another story for another time. Having her number put me in a very uncomfortable position. I wanted to dm her and tell her to change it but I just didn’t have the balls back then like I do now and you will see how I do shortly. I kept her number, I had my fun with it and I had my fun with gypsyhearttour for the next 3 months. The account didn’t go a week without being tweeted and retweeted by Miley and it was a wonderful feeling. I loved helping my friends and strangers who became my friends and I loved talking to Miley. I felt like I had a real, strong connection with her. This connection started to become a horrible reality as the Bangerz Tour started. 
Since the tour started I immediately started to feel a shift in Miley’s mood. She wasn’t as kind as she use to be on twitter and direct messages. She didn’t want to say much and started to become sketchy. I dismissed it throughout February and assumed it was just a phase. By March: it got worse. She met Wayne Coyne (which ironically is a fan’s fault but that’s another story) and starts this new psychedelic phase and created a whole new image for herself. I didn’t understand but I didn’t protest it; not until months later at least. I just kept doing my bid as gypsyhearttour aka Miley Cyrus News and kept my opinions to myself on MuneraIsFab. People didn’t like that of course. They thought I was being two-faced by tweeting Miley positive things on GHT and “dragging” her on MuneraIsFab. But what was I supposed to do? I knew my place as a fan account and I know my place as a person with rights and freedom of speech. 

April 1st: Floyd died. It was a shock but I honestly thought Miley would sort of get better and get out of the phase she was in between February-March. Little did I know it would get worse and I would find out horrible stuff. Things had gone from bad to worse with Miley and I was barely scraping by in my actual life. Everything started to come down on me and the one person that supported me and put me up was collapsing herself and I didn’t know how to take it. I just kept showing her love and support. Telling her what was important on Twitter and distracting her from all the negativity that was on my timeline. Everyone insulted everything from her hair to the way she posted pictures of herself. I knew she saw all of it and didn’t want it affect her in any way. She got sick and she hated when I showed her the negative headlines. If there’s one thing I learned, Miley hates being told she’s wrong or she can’t do something. She doesn’t handle it correctly and reacts very childish.
Fast-forward to May and I honestly didn’t think Miley would still be upset about Floyd. I didn’t understand why she dragged it and why she keeps dragging it on this long until now. 

If you’ve been reading this long I guess here’s the part where it gets a little interesting. 

The night of June 1st TheMCdoll had leaked a photo extremely tagged

. I was annoyed and I wanted the untagged HQ version so I could use it for a Twitter pack on gypsyhearttour. I got my friend Jared to dm him on his account since he was following and he responded dryly to him and denied Jared’s request. I tweeted him on my personal and he ignored it so I did what I always do when it comes to Miley fans on twitter: speak to them using gypsyhearttour. They always seemed to listen and do whatever I asked them to and never took advantage of it. I just used it to get what was needed and that was that. When I had spoke to TheMCdoll (his name is Luiz and no not LuizJozeMonster) he had kindly said he wish he could but his friend would get extremely angry if he had found out he leaked anything he gave him. His friend was apart of SmilerSource who was ran by themctimes and got gotten exclusives from her. 
Since Luiz had said no I didn’t really mind because he was sweet so I continued to talk to him. I told him I didn’t want to get dm limit on gypsyhearttour so he could text me if he wishes. We took our conversation to Whatsapp where we bonded over discussing themctimes and her source of info. I knew she had been accessing Tish’s email but I didn’t know it was as bad as it actually was. Luiz had told me she had access to Tish’s iCloud and Miley’s iCloud. And for those of you who don’t know how serious an iCloud is I’ll quickly explain it. 

TheMCtimes having access to Miley’s iCloud meant she could receive every single picture she took, every video she recorded, every text she received and sent out, her phone contacts, her emails and so on. And if you guys didn’t know: Miley has over 20,000 videos and pictures in her iCloud. So you could only imagine what she obtained. One thing you may have heard of was themctimes bragging about having her sextape. At first, I thought it was bullshit. How could she possibly receive a sextape through an email? But as I dug deeper on June 1st I suddenly became trapped in the reality of the situation I was in. 
Luiz had told me he had tried several times to email and contact Miley but all she had done was disregard his emails and blocked his phone number. I told him of course, Miley doesn’t believe shit unless you provide proof. I told him I could help him but all I needed was enough proof to show Miley that this wasn’t a joke. Luiz had then said his friend (the guy who is friends with themctimes and use to work for SmilerSource) has access to Tish’s stuff and would try to get the log ins so we could further prove to Miley that people were invading her privacy. 
We had taken our conversation from Whatsapp to Skype because he wanted me to listen to ‘Last Goodbye’ and also wanted to show me the Bangerz outtakes. As I was looking through this stuff I was amazed and became happy but also felt terrible only I could view and listen to these exclusives. I immediately began to wonder how leak blogs kept all of this amazing stuff themselves and didn’t think once about leaking it so everyone could enjoy it with them. 
As I was looking through, Luiz had realized he still had his friends email password and wanted to look through it and see if he got any emails regarding the Cyrus’s and their log in info.

I told him to do it as I continued looking at pictures. Suddenly my skype started to blow up and I looked down to see over 10 messages. Luiz had found an email with an attachment from themctimes containing 15 log ins of Tish Cyrus and her family. 
He immediately sent me the folder and I opened it confused. Each login had a description, a website link, user and password. I started off with the top first checking through if all of them were real. I entered Tish’s, Cheyne’s, Miley’s etc. work email. Then I entered Then I entered Brian Bowen’s website containing outtakes of Miley and so on. 
The last log in was confusing to me I didn’t know what was and had to google it. When I realized it was iCloud I copy and pasted Tish’s info and logged in. In front of me was Tish’s email, phone contacts, notes etc. I started off looking at her phone contacts. From Nick Jonas to Britney Spears I was shocked she was exposing so many celebrities. Once I finished looking through the phone contacts I looked at her email. 
Before I continue, I know what some of you may be thinking: why the fuck would you invade her privacy like that? 1) There’s over 15 people invading her privacy that don’t plan on doing the right thing 2) Tish isn’t a good person. 
From 3am to around 7am I sat down reading emails after emails. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It felt too bad to be true but it was the truth and it came to me too fast in one night. I’m not really going to go in depth into what I saw in Tish’s email and I’m not going to release any photos. If I wanted to do something to Tish and her family I could just sell whatever I have. But I wanted to do the right thing and tell Miley to make her mother change her password. I also wish I could tell her to fire her mother because she’s an irresponsible, negligent, crazy bomb shell but that’s besides the point. Once I stopped reading the emails I couldn’t sleep. I had a mixture of guilt, sadness, anger and more guilt pent up inside of me and I grew anxious for anyone or everyone to wake up so I can figure out what I could do to make this all go away. I called my friends when they woke up and explained to them what had happened. They were sad but also excited about the song and the pictures. Everyone I explained it to didn’t really seem to feel or react the way I reacted. I didn’t know if it was because I stayed up all night reading everything firsthand or if it was because only I genuinely cared for her. I took the latter and went about thinking it was because I experienced it first hand.

June 1st 12pm my time 6pm Miley’s time I decided it was time to try and tell her. She retweeted gypsyhearttour and was voting for #MileyForMMVA after I had told her about the nomination and voting rules. I started off by saying to her that what I had to tell her was important and that it’s crucial she replies when she is free. She replied an hour later saying what? And I realized she had a concert that night. I responded telling her I don’t want to tell you now seeing as you have a show and I don’t want you to have this on your mind but I assure you you’d want to hear this. She then replied again asking me to explain myself and I ignored her message. Miley’s persistent and if I continued to fight her off she would get upset. 

After the show she was posting pictures with Braison partying and if there’s anything I hate is trying to communicate with Miley when she is either drugged up or drunk. I didn’t send her a message until just before I went to bed at 4am my time and 10am her time apologizing for ignoring her and telling her we could talk when I wake up. When I woke up I saw she tweeted 20 minutes before but didn’t respond to the message. I also saw she unfollowed Diane Martel so I quickly logged into the emails to see why and I found out Diane had temporarily quit which upset Miley. I immediately messaged her saying I know she unfollowed Diane and she’s upset but what I have to say can’t wait any longer. Almost 2 hours later I checked the messages to see the response below.

1) I didn’t mention a sex tape. 2) I didn’t mention mctimes 

The response is self explanatory I don’t want to get into the meaning behind it and what happened afterwards

. But you could see by her tone she wasn’t happy about the entire situation and neither was Tish. It took Tish about 10 hours later to change her info which is easily still obtainable. But don’t get me started on how much of an airhead that woman is.

They launched a further investigation and the rest is history. I dropped the investigation as you all know on my birthday and leaked Last Goodbye and the majority of the pictures I had. I thought: why am I going to sulk in this bitter reality of one of my favorite people on earth and let the people who still saw her as a perfect person begin to dislike her like I began to? I wanted to give everyone a reason to be happy and that’s exactly what I did. I may have got in trouble for it but it was worth it and I would do it again and again. 

I also left gypsyhearttour the beginning of June but didn’t officially announce it on my birthday. I couldn’t take knowing Miley was so mistreated in her actual life and everyone around her was awful to her and not being able to reach out and help her. It was either I drop the account or I risked dming her something too strong and risking her follow. As soon a so dropped gypsyhearttour and Miley in general I became quite happy in my life. I was enjoying everything and going back to my old habits and watching the World Cup. Everyone kept asking me why I stopped talking about her but I thought it was stupid to explain myself. I didn’t want to make anyone dislike her or hate her and I sure as hell didn’t wanna sell her out. But everything started to come back up again once I had saw her tweets to LuizJozeMonster, a good friend of mine gypsyhearttour had gotten Miley to follow. 
I may not know Miley but I do know her more than any of you do. What she did was out of characteristic and the Miley in the months previous would’ve direct messaged if she had a problem with anything the accounts she followed tweeted. I took it upon myself to help Luis and helped him create an apology letter for Miley. But I also took it upon myself to try and make you guys understand there’s 2 sides to every story. None of you know what the people Miley follows go through it’s a lot of pressure. I remember when Miley followed Luis I immediately told him to make sure not to be afraid and not act like himself. I know he took that the wrong way and I told him numerous times to delete his tweets and to stop doing certain things because Miley is watching. I felt at fault because I helped Luis get that follow and I helped him with his posts a lot. 
Yermar also wasn’t happy with what Miley had done to Luis. We both knew it was condescending and rude of her to put him on blast but there was nothing I could do but voice my opinion of my own account. I quit gypsyhearttour 3 weeks before and have no plans going back especially not to argue with Miley. Yermar Dmd Miley today telling her what she had done was wrong and Luis was being brutally attacked by people on twitter and Instagram and she should say something to make them stop. It’s ironic that Miley wanted Noah (who really is a sad little girl) to stop getting hate but wanted him to get hate with her. And you guys can say that wasn’t her intention but like I said: I know the girl very well and she isn’t stupid. 

I mentioned earlier Miley hates being told no or she is wrong. She unfollowed Yermar/gypsyhearttour but not Luis. She did that because after reading the emails between Tish, her management, her attorney, her publicists, Diane Martel, her friends, ex fiancée etc. I realized she is like a land mine. Step on her the slightest bit and she will explode and tell you to fuck off. I saw first hand the people around her were even too scared tell her what she was doing wasn’t right. From Wrecking Ball to simply rubbing herself on the 4x4 in Love Money Party live performance, her mother and team debated them all. They each would take turns telling her slowly and calmly that she would have to minimize it. And Miley being Miley, she just maximizes it.

Despite what any of you say or what Miley says she isn’t the strongest person and she isn’t the most mature and well thought out. Reading those emails and finally figuring out everything from her fallen engagement to her parents divorce I came to see that Miley literally has no one in her life supporting her. Everyone is equally a mess. Now that I think about it I know why she was so devastated Floyd died, it was because he was the only thing on this planet that loved her unconditionally and didn’t judge her.

One thing I do applaud Miley for is: although she has the same amount of problems as stars like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez: she hides it well. She doesn’t let her personal life get out and when it does she handles it head on. Themctimes having access to her stuff and even ME having access to her stuff is a danger. I tried my best to do what was right and not let it get out but eventually it will get out. As you can see: videos of Justin Bieber making fun of black people and the KKK leak out. And as Miley’s career goes on damaging pieces such as that (hopefully not racism) will get out and there’s nothing we can do about it. This stuff is valuable and expensive and I hope they seize it eventually. 

Everything that has came to me this past year from a tweet, Miley’s phone number to her mothers email isn’t something I went looking for. Everyone in this fanbase Dms me and tells me stories and insiders and I keep a lot of shit to myself because I know everyone would be upset if they got out. I don’t look for this stuff really and truly.

To wrap this all up I would just like to thank you all for the support you’ve given me throughout this year. I would’ve never thought June 19th last year watching the We Can’t Stop video I would come to know that girl through my screen so well and even hold conversations with her weekly. It’s sad because I went from crying for about 30 minutes because all she tweeted me was “I ❤️ this so much!!!!” To almost crying because I wanted her to go to therapy and she wouldn’t listen to me or she was complaining to me about being stuck in the hospital. Things change and you should all count your blessings. If she hasn’t tweeted you yet, believe me you’re lucky and believe me if you work as hard as I did she will one day. And if she has, be happy because that’s all you need from her. I don’t want any of you to make the mistakes I did with getting so personally invested with a celebrity who in all reality: doesn’t give a fuck about you. And you shouldn’t be mad about that because Miley doesn’t owe any of us shit. Love her professional career, love her interviews and love her music. But don’t you dare question your love for her if you don’t know the actual sadness that comes along with Miley Cyrus and her life. This is a very condensed and censored story. I’m not a leak blog and if I wanted to be one I could’ve easily became one. I’m not interested once again in selling someone out for internet fame. I’m interested In being happy with my life again and actually enjoying my day and not having to worry about what Miley messages me. Thank you guys again I hope you enjoy reading this and I hope you all continue supporting her. You can ask me questions and I’ll be happy to answer. 

PS: 5 years from now or even maybe 1 year from your Miley Cyrus accounts won’t mean shit and her follow won’t mean shit. Love y’all LMAO